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Towering Achievement_Thumb

OMRF tower receives international research lab award

Tower selected from more than 30 entries for best sustainable lab facility


Students: To make the As, catch more Zs

Teens need as much sleep as preschoolers, but seldom get it.

Celebrate 68_thumb

OMRF marks 68 years of discovery and innovation

A mere dream for Oklahomans in 1946 is a thriving reality today

OJO Drinks Extras 072

For OMRF researcher, ice bucket challenge a real splash

Awareness, says scientist, will help fuel search for treatments


Super vitamin: The body’s “D”-fender

Low levels of vitamin D may worsen symptoms of autoimmune disease

Balancing Act_Thumbnail

Inhibiting protein may provide balance in lupus treatment

Controlling immune system key to managing autoimmune disease

Estate Planning_Thumbnail

Estate-planning seminars set for Sept. 16 and 17

OKC and Tulsa locations available for estate-planning professionals

Targeting Anthrax_Thumbnail

OMRF receives $14.5 million grant to continue anthrax studies

Grant renewal adds years 11-15 of funding for anthrax research projects

flemingap-75x75 (jan 11)

Summer scholars complete OMRF research programs

Summer proved more research than R and R for these gifted students.


Molecule could limit development of obesity

Low levels of CXCR4 lead to weight gain, obesity in mice.