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    Still stressed about what to get a few people on your list? Here are some healthy suggestions.
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    Stephen Prescott, M.D.: Building a bridge between downtown and the area east of Interstate 235 as part of a MAPs 4 project would bring huge benefits in the Oklahoma Health Center district.
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    An IRA Rollover can let you give a gift to research and avoid tax consequences, and it also may qualify you for an Oklahoma Biomedical Tax Credit. The icing on the cake? Make your gift before Dec. 31, and it will be doubled through OMRF’s year-end matching opportunity.
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    Applications for OMRF's one-of-a-kind Fleming Scholar Program are due Feb. 2. High school seniors and college freshmen, sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply. Get an up-close and personal look at research. Don't miss it!
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    The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year but there are things you can do to keep that stress in check.
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    Our employees have spoken, moving OMRF up to fourth in state's "Best Places To Work" list.
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    It's hard to turn down an extra helping or two during the holidays, but what impact does it have on your health?
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We’re combining patient care with research to find better ways to treat multiple sclerosis.

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