• Stem Cell Therapy
    Business of Health: Confusing the hope and hype of stem cell therapy
  • HongChen-AHA
    The American Heart Association recently selected OMRF's Hong Chen for a distinguished prize.
  • OMRF and OU Stephenson Cancer Center: Partners in the fight against cancer
  • Teen-Leaders-Carousel
    Applications for OMRF's 2015-16 Teen Leaders in Philanthropy program are due Mar. 2!
  • SweetNews
    Can 'chocolate' and 'healthy' be used in the same sentence? Dr. Prescott says "certainly."
  • PolishTrainees
    Four OMRF trainees from Poland are learning plenty about science and Oklahoma on the fly.
  • Egg a Day
    So, are eggs one of these Goldilocks foods that needs to be consumed in “just right” quantities? Or is it OK to engage in a daily eggs-travaganza?
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