• exercise fun-630×320
    Can having fun help quell your appetite? It’s great to perceive of physical activities as an enjoyable thing, but does thinking about exercise as fun lead you to eat less when you’re done?
  • Welms Carousel
    New scientists bring a wealth of cancer knowledge and cutting-edge techniques to OMRF's Immunobiology and Cancer Research Program.
  • Meiosis Carousel
    A protein called SHOC1 is vital for correctly segregating chromosomes in meiosis.
  • 241 Carousel
    Musical superstars united at OMRF's 241 event to raise money for innovative cancer research.
  • Great Divide_Carousel
    Scientists at OMRF have new insight into the precise timing necessary for proper cell division.
  • ACE Release_Carousel
    OMRF researchers will study the basic mechanism of flare and look for new treatments for autoimmune diseases.
  • Happy Genes_Carousel
    DNA does influence mood, but there are plenty of other factors at play.
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We’re combining patient care with research to find better ways to treat multiple sclerosis.

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