• Balancing Act_Carousel
    By manipulating a certain protein, OMRF scientists may have identified a way to more accurately treat lupus and other autoimmune diseases.
  • Estate Planning Seminar_Carousel
    Seminars will focus on ways estate planners, attorneys and CPAs can assist clients who wish to build gifting into their estate plans.
  • Targeting Anthrax_Carousel
    OMRF's Dr. Mark Coggeshall receives $14.5 million grant renewal to extend work with anthrax bacteria. Findings may help develop methods for controlling MRSA and strep, as well.
  • Barlic Release_Carousel
    Studies show receptor may help set limits to obesity.
  • exercise fun-630×320
    Can having fun help quell your appetite? It’s great to perceive of physical activities as an enjoyable thing, but does thinking about exercise as fun lead you to eat less when you’re done?
  • Welms Carousel
    New scientists bring a wealth of cancer knowledge and cutting-edge techniques to OMRF's Immunobiology and Cancer Research Program.
  • Meiosis Carousel
    A protein called SHOC1 is vital for correctly segregating chromosomes in meiosis.
  • OKC move_carousel
    OMRF Scientist Lorin Olson talks to the NY Times about his move to Oklahoma City.
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We’re combining patient care with research to find better ways to treat multiple sclerosis.

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