For every tax-deductible donation you make to OMRF, you’ll also earn an Oklahoma state tax credit worth half that amount (for gifts up to an annual maximum of $4,000 for couples filing jointly and $2,000 for individual filers).

It’s simple—the more you give, the more you save. CLICK HERE TO MAKE A GIFT

The numbers will vary, but here’s an example for a couple filing jointly in the 33 percent federal tax bracket:

Donation to another charityDonation to OMRF
–$1,320(federal deduction)–$1,320(federal deduction)
–$210(Oklahoma deduction)–$210(Oklahoma deduction)
Final cost   $2,470–$2,000(Oklahoma Tax Credit)
Final cost   $470
That’s a savings of $2,000 


The bottom line: Your charitable dollars go further when you help OMRF fight Alzheimer’s, heart disease,
cancer and other devastating illnesses.

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