Your lifetime risk of dying from cancer is 1 in 4. Those are not what most of us would consider good odds. But at OMRF, researchers are working each day to improve the chances of beating America’s second-leading killer.

Thanks to discoveries at OMRF, a revolutionary new genetic test can now help women everywhere assess their risk of developing breast cancer. The test is simple, painless and can be run at any point in a woman’s life. With the results, some women will achieve peace of mind. Others will find out they’re at increased risk and take the necessary steps—more frequent exams and screening—to ensure that if breast cancer strikes, it will be detected earlier and treated more effectively.

In other OMRF labs, immunologists are studying the ways in which the immune system goes awry, causing lymphomas, leukemias and myelomas. Biochemists are testing a compound that’s shown promising pre-clinical results in treating brain and liver cancers. And with Oklahoma’s only research-grade magnetic resonance imaging facility, our scientists are developing methods of using MRI to speed the diagnosis and treatment of cancers. With this multi-disciplinary approach to cancer research, OMRF is working to change our odds—for the better.