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The Science of Fear: What boo! does to the body

Whatever sends a shiver up your spine, it's basic biology at work.


60-Second Science: Ebola

Dr. P tells you what you need to know in a minute

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Wilson Science Night

OMRF scientists bring experiments from the lab to the school


OMRF and Putnam City: Partners for a Cure

For nearly 40 years, the Putnam City school district family has been committed to fighting


Brain cancer drug enters clinical trials

OMRF and OU's Stephenson Cancer Center join forces to launch clinical trials.

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The Summer of Science

OSU sophomore Nick Elroy is spending his summer on atherosclerosis research.


Third annual steer wrestling event benefits cancer, other research areas

Cross family hosts rodeo event to honor father’s triumph over cancer


Cell Division Problems

OMRF scientists figure out the role of master regulators


Oklahomans concerned about latest bird flu virus

Dr. Linda Thompson discusses you what you need to know about H7N9


Discovery could lead to new drugs to fight deadly yeast infections

A "Trojan Horse" helps fungus get into the system, causing problems.