At OMRF, the fight against disease begins with the youngest patients. That’s why so many of our scientists are devoted to solving the puzzles of childhood disease.

In our Immunobiology and Cancer Research Program, researchers are studying the causes of childhood leukemias. By focusing on understanding the development and function of cells in the immune system, they are shedding new light on how these deadly cancers develop—and how they can be stopped.

Meanwhile, cell biologists are focusing on cell division and the causes of birth defects like Down syndrome. Their work has consistently revealed new facets of a process that underlies all human life, and they are now building on this knowledge to help develop methods of controlling and preventing chromosomal defects.

OMRF researchers are also examining the neurological bases of autism. Their long-term goal is to determine whether certain treatments might help offset some of the deficits associated with this disorder.

Discoveries in our labs have created a life-saving drug for children suffering from a devastating protein deficiency. And they’ve paved the way for an experimental drug to treat young cystic fibrosis patients.

There are no small medical problems at OMRF. Just big payoffs for small patients.