A New Birthday

Greg WatkinsEvery April 20, Greg Watkins celebrates his birthday. It’s not the day he was born, but it’s the day he got his life back. Greg considered himself a “running addict” and always kept himself in tip-top shape. But 12 years ago, he came face to face with a disease that stopped him in his tracks. His symptoms began when he noticed blood in his urine, and before long chest pains made him think he was headed for a heart attack. Instead, his doctor told him he was having esophageal spasms due to paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobuinuria, or PNH, a rare blood disease with no cure. Greg’s life changed completely. He was unable to work. The steroids he took caused his weight to balloon to 250 pounds. But on that day—April 20, 2007—his doctor gave him a new medication developed from OMRF research called Soliris and soon, he was on the road to recovery. Read more of Greg’s story here.