Free Radical Biology Research Seminar Series

Sept 13Intro to FRBA labs by PIs(2:30-4:30pm)
Sept 20Jolyn/SatoshiMechanism of Increased m-Aconitase Activity in a Model of Diet Induced Obesity” / “Modulation in mitochondrial electron transport
activity by acetylation/deacetylation of cytochrome c” /
Sept 27Gary“The Antioxidant Transcription Factor Nrf2 is
Required for Microtubule-Based Mitochondrial Trafficking”/Hui-Ying
Oct 4Clair“Cardiac Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase 4 is Up-regulated In Response to Transient Increases in Fatty Acid Availability by a Transcription-Independent Mechanism”/Ken
Oct 11No SeminarOU Fall Break – OU/Texas Football
Oct 18Rachel/ChelseaHIF2a: A Regulatory Link between Chondrocyte Metabolic Flexibility and Redox Homeostasis?” / “Expression Profiling of UbcM2 and its Response to Oxidative Stress in Mouse Brain / Luke
Oct 25Sunji/Mandy“Genetic Screen for Genes Involved in High-Fat
Diet-Induced Obesity and Heart Dysfunction
Discovering the Role of UbcM2 in RPE Function and Integrity” / Mike
Nov 1Paul/YueDueling Roles of Cardiac Mitochondria: Redox Regulation of Insulin Sensitivity and Buffering of Intracellular H2O2/ “Genetic Screen for Genes Involved in High-Sugar Diet-Induced Diabetes” / Tim
Nov 8Mike /Yao“What about peroxisomes?  Might they also process lipids to make hydrogen peroxide?” / “Down-regulation of Sirtuin 3 with Aging Promotes Oxidative Stress in Rat Cartilage by Decreasing SOD2 Activity” / Hui-Ying
Nov 29No SeminarThanksgiving
Dec 13Erika/Lee “A Role for TRPA1 Ion Channel in Osteoarthritis Pain Relief with Exercise” / “Dysfunctional cAMP Dependent Protein Kinase (PKA) Signaling Causes Adrenergic Desensitization in the Diabetic Heart” / Scott 
Jan 17Chelsea Larabee/Satoshi Matsuzaki Expression Profiling of UbcM2 and its Response to Oxidative Stress in Mouse Brain” / Mechanisms of acetylation and deacetylation of cytochrome c”      
Jan 24Shauna HillOverexpression of Mitochondrial Lon Protease Sensitizes Human Fibroblasts to Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Jan 31Gary O’Mealey / Clair Crewe A Non-Transcriptional Function for Nrf2 in Mitochondrial  Trafficking and Microtubule Dynamics” / Stringent Regulation of Cardiac Pyruvate Utilization:  Is It Risky Doing Business With Fat?
Feb 7 No Seminar
Feb 14Yao FuPart I: The Effect of Aging on Cartilage SOD2  /
Part II: The Role of SIRT3 in Cartilage Aging and Osteoarthritis
Feb 21Sunji Lee / Kenneth Humphries A genetic screen identifies mtp as a cardiomyocyte-specific regulator of high-fat diet-induced obesity in Drosophila” / “Metabolic inflexibility in the diabetic heart”
Feb 28Jolyn Fernandes / Yue Li Cardiac Mitochondrial Aconitase Undergoes  Acetylation Dependent Activation in Response to High Dietary Fat” / “Genetic Screen for Genes Involved in High-Sugar Diet-Induced Diabetes”
Mar 7Rachel Lane / Lee Bockus Chondrocyte Plasticity: The Dynamic Relationship of Metabolism and Redox Regulation” / Dysfunctional cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase (PKA) Signaling in the Diabetic Heart”
Mar 14Hui-Ying Lim“ROS Signaling and Cardiac Function”
Mar 21No Seminar
Mar 28No Seminar
Apr 4No Seminar
Apr 11No Seminar
Apr 18No Seminar
Apr 25Erika Lopes / Deepa Sathyaseelan“A Role for TRPA1 Ion Channel in Osteoarthritis Pain Relief with Exercise” / “Effect of high fat diet on inflammatory markers in adipose tissue of Surf1-/- mice”
May 2Dr. Arlan Richardson, Professor of Geriatric Medicine, OUHSC“Is Dietary Restriction’s Anti-Aging Action Universal?
May 9Mandy Lambros “Tracking Mitochondrial Dynamics in RPE Flatmount Explants
May 16
May 23
May 30
June 6Dr. Chuck Esmon, Member, Coagulation Biology Lab, OMRF“Histones as Mediators of Reperfusion Injury, Organ Failure and Death

The Free Radical Biology & Aging Research Seminar Series will begin in October. Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held Friday afternoons from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in MC-206. If you would like to be on the mailing list for this seminar series, send e-mail to Free Radical Biology Research Seminar Series 2013 – 2014