The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation is committed to conducting basic research to benefit society, and integrity in research is essential to expanding our knowledge of the basic biological processes fundamental to life. All faculty, staff, trainees and students involved in research at OMRF are required to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in research and to adhere to the rules and regulations of federal agencies governing biomedical research.

This commitment to integrity requires intellectual honesty in conducting and reporting research, maintenance of accurate research records and results, proper allocation of credit among co-authors of studies, fairness in peer review, openness in communications and sharing of resources, transparency in potential conflicts of interest, humane care of animals in the conduct of research, and protection of human subjects in the conduct of research.

Scientific Misconduct Policy

Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Policy

Public Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest

For more information, or if you have concerns, please contact the Research Integrity Officer for a confidential discussion:

Tim Mather, PhD