The primary emphasis of OMRF’s Protein Crystallization Core Facility is to provide an arena for studying and understanding the structures of biologically and biomedically relevant proteins. Structures are determined using X-ray diffraction coupled with interactive computer graphics. We make every effort to determine the biological relevance of these structures. We assess function, mechanisms of action and interactions between the proteins with other macromolecules in conjunction with crystallography through molecular biology applications such as mutagenesis and advanced biochemical and kinetic analysis.

This combined approach renders interpretable structure analysis capability. This is crucial, because it is no longer sufficient to know how structures and complexes appear; we must also understand how they work.

We endeavor to serve the needs of OMRF research programs and participate in special collaborative efforts outside the institution. Some of the research interests currently under investigation include three-dimensional structures of cardiovascular system-related macromolecular drugs, cellular metabolism and transport regulators along with their associated molecular partners.


Timothy Mather, Ph.D.
Phone: (405) 271-7858

Simon Terzyan, Ph.D.
Phone (405) 271-7858