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Genetic Models of Disease Research Program

       What We Do

Research in this program focuses on using model organisms to address complex molecular and cell biological questions; such questions are often impossible to investigate directly using human cell lines or mammalian animal models. Each investigator in this program specializes in using a model organism, such as E. coli (bacteria), Dictyostelium (a slime mold), and C. elegans (a roundworm), to address important questions applicable to human biology and disease. Rather than being focused on a single disease, the laboratories in this program are united by a common way of thinking about biological problems and a shared interest in using model organisms.

       Our Publications

Hoover CM, Edwards SL, Yu SC, Kittelmann M, Richmond JE, Eimer S, Yorks RM, Miller KG. A Novel CaM Kinase II Pathway Controls the Location of Neuropeptide Release from Caenorhabditis elegans Motor Neurons. Genetics 196:745-765, 2014. [Abstract]

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Genetic Models of Disease Research Program
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