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Free Radical Biology & Aging Research Program

       What We Do

Scientists in our program study free radicals, the highly reactive molecules capable of inducing oxidative damage to DNA, protein, and lipids. The intra- and extracellular content of these species increase during a variety of diseases. Free radical damage is therefore believed to contribute to the accompanying degeneration of physiologic function. Paradoxically, free radicals are also generated in response to normal physiologic stimuli and can exert reversible effects on protein function indicative of metabolic regulation.

       Our Publications


Evans TM, Jaramillo CA, Sataranatarajan K, Watts L, Sabia M, Qi W, Van Remmen H. The effect of mild traumatic brain injury on peripheral nervous system pathology in wild-type mice and the G93A mutant mouse model of motor neuron disease. Neuroscience 298:410-423, 2015. [Abstract]

Hofmann JW, Zhao X, De Cecco M., Peterson AL, Pagliaroli L, Manivannan J, Hubbard GB, Ikeno Y, Zhang Y, Feng B, Li X, Serre T, Qi W, Van Remmen H, Miller RA, Bath KG, de Cabo R., Xu H, Neretti N, Sedivy JM. Reduced expression of MYC increases longevity and enhances healthspan. Cell 160:477-488,2015. [Abstract]

Ivannikov MV, Van Remmen H. Sod1 ablation in adult mice leads to physiological changes at the neuromuscular junction similar to changes that occur in old wild type mice. Free Radic Biol Med  84:254-262,2015. [Abstract]

Kwak HB, Lee Y, Kim JH, Van Remmen H, Richardson AG, Lawler JM. MnSOD overexpression reduces fibrosis and pro-apoptotic signaling in the aging mouse heart. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 70:533-544,2015. [Abstract]

Lane RS, Fu Y, Matsuzaki S, Kinter M, Humphries KM, Griffin TM. Mitochondrial respiration and redox coupling in articular chondrocytes. Arthritis Res Ther 17:54, 2015. [Abstract]

Plafker KS, Plafker SM. The ubiquitin conjugating enzyme, UBE2E3 and its import receptor, Importin-11 regulate the localization and activity of the anti-oxidant transcription factor NRF2. Mol Biol Cell  26:327-338, 2015. [Abstract]

Tsutsui Y, Johnson JM, Demeler B, Kinter M, Hays FA. Conformation-Dependent Human p52Shc Phosphorylation by Human c-Src. Biochemistry 2015. [Abstract] EPub

* Wiley MM, Muthukumar V, Griffin TM, Griffin CT. SWI/SNF Chromatin-Remodeling Enzymes Brahma-Related Gene 1 (BRG1) and Brahma (BRM) are dispensable in multiple models of postnatal angiogenesis but are required for vascular integrity in infant mice. J Am Heart Assoc 4: 2015. [Abstract]

Wong KE, Mikus CR, Slentz DH, Seiler SE, Debalsi KL, Ilkayeva OR, Crain KI, Kinter MT, Kien CL, Stevens RD, Muoio DM. Muscle-specific overexpression of PGC-1alpha does not augment metabolic improvements in response to exercise and caloric restriction. Diabetes 64:1532-1543, 2015. [Abstract]

* Indicates publications by more than one department or program.

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