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Coagulation Biology Laboratory

       What We Do

The Coagulation Biology Laboratory, headed by Charles T. Esmon, Ph.D., investigates the fundamental mechanisms involved in blood coagulation, including complex biological processes such as inflammation, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

       Our Scientists

       Our Publications


Esmon C. Targeting factor Xa and thrombin: impact on coagulation and beyond. Thromb Haemost 111:625-633, 2014. [Abstract]

McCrindle BW, Li JS, Manlhiot C, Tweddell JS, Giglia TM, Massicotte MP, Monagle P, Krishnamurthy R, Mahaffey KW, Michelson AD, Verdun N, Almond CS, Newburger JW, Brandao LR, Esmon CT, Manco-Johnson MJ, Ichord R, Ortel TL, Chan AK, Portman R, Rose M, Strony J, Kaltman JR. Challenges and priorities for research: a report from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)/National Institutes of Health (NIH) Working Group on Thrombosis in Pediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Disease. Circulation 130:1192-1203, 2014. [Abstract]

Mohan Rao LV, Esmon CT, Pendurthi UR. Endothelial cell protein C receptor: a multi-liganded and multi-functional receptor. Blood 124:1553-1562, 2014. [Abstract]

Schouten M, de Boer JD, Kager LM, Roelofs JJ, Meijers JC, Esmon CT, Levi M, Van't Veer C, van der Poll T. The endothelial protein C receptor impairs the antibacterial response in murine pneumococcal pneumonia and sepsis. Thromb Haemost 111:970-980, 2014. [Abstract]

Semeraro F, Ammollo CT, Esmon NL, Esmon CT. Histones induce phosphatidylserine exposure and a procoagulant phenotype in human red blood cells. J Thromb Haemost 12:1697-1702, 2014. [Abstract]

Senchenkova EY, Russell J, Esmon CT, Granger DN. Roles of coagulation and fibrinolysis in angiotensin II enhanced microvascular thrombosis. Microcirculation 21:401-407, 2014. [Abstract]

Starr ME, Takahashi H, Okamura D, Zwischenberger BA, Mrazek AA, Ueda J, Stromberg AJ, Evers BM, Esmon CT, Saito H. Increased coagulation and suppressed generation of activated protein C in aged mice during intra-abdominal sepsis. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol, 2015. [Abstract] [EPub}

Sundaram J, Keshava S, Gopalakrishnan R, Esmon CT, Pendurthi UR, Rao LV. Factor VIIa binding to endothelial cell protein C receptor protects vascular barrier integrity in vivo. J Thromb Haemost 12:690-700, 2014. [Abstract]

Sundaram J, Pendurthi UR, Esmon CT, Rao LV. Blockade of endothelial cell protein C receptor augments factor VIIa hemostatic effect in hemophilia treatment. Blood 124:3031-3033, 2014. [Abstract]

Tamayo I, Velasco SE, Puy C, Esmon CT, Dichiara MG, Montes R, Hermida J. Group V secretory phospholipase A2 impairs endothelial protein C receptor-dependent protein C activation and accelerates thrombosis in vivo. J Thromb Haemost 12:1921-1927, 2014.[Abstract]


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Coagulation Biology Laboratory, MS 51
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
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Oklahoma City, OK 73104

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