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Cardiovascular Biology Research Program

       What We Do

The Cardiovascular Biology Research Program, headed by Rodger P. McEver, M.D., investigates fundamental mechanisms involved in blood and lymphatic vessel function, atherogenesis, blood coagulation, inflammation, and sepsis.

       Our Publications


Astarita JL, Cremasco V, Fu J, Darnell MC, Peck JR, Nieves-Bonilla JM, Song K, Kondo Y, Woodruff MC, Gogineni A, Onder L, Ludewig B, Weimer RM, Carroll MC, Mooney DJ, Xia L, Turley SJ. The CLEC-2-podoplanin axis controls the contractility of fibroblastic reticular cells and lymph node microarchitecture. Nat Immunol 16:75-84, 2015. [Abstract]

Chaaban H, Keshari RS, Silasi-Mansat R, Popescu NI, Mehta-D'souza P, Lim YP, Lupu F. Inter-alpha inhibitor protein and its associated glycosaminoglycans protect against histone-induced injury. Blood 125:2286-2296,2015. [Abstract]

Chang B, Tessneer KL, McManus J, Liu X, Hahn S, Pasula S, Wu H, Song H, Chen Y, Cai X, Dong Y, Brophy ML, Rahman R, Ma JX, Xia L, Chen H. Epsin is required for Dishevelled stability and Wnt signalling activation in colon cancer development. Nat Commun 6:6380, 2015. [Abstract]

Herlea-Pana O, Yao L, Heuser-Baker J, Wang Q, Wang Q, Georgescu C, Zou MH, Barlic-Dicen J. Chemokine receptors CXCR2 and CX3CR1 differentially regulate functional responses of bone marrow endothelial progenitors during atherosclerotic plaque regression. Cardiovasc Res 106:324-337, 2015.[Abstract]

Jackson KW, Christiansen VJ, Yadav VR, Silasi-Mansat R, Lupu F, Awasthi V, Zhang RR, McKee PA. Suppression of tumor growth in mice by rationally designed pseudopeptide inhibitors of fibroblast activation protein and prolyl oligopeptidase. Neoplasia 17:43-54, 2015. [Abstract]

Mastellos DC, Yancopoulou D, Kokkinos P, Huber-Lang M, Hajishengallis G, Biglarnia AR, Lupu F, Nilsson B, Risitano AM, Ricklin D, Lambris JD. Compstatin: a C3-targeted complement inhibitor reaching its prime for bedside intervention. Eur J Clin Invest 45:423-440,2015. [Abstract]

McEver RP. Selectins: initiators of leukocyte adhesion and signaling at the vascular wall. Cardiovasc Res 107:331-339,2015. [Abstract]

Pruenster M, Kurz AR, Chung KJ, Cao-Ehlker X, Bieber S, Nussbaum CF, Bierschenk S, Eggersmann TK, Rohwedder I, Heinig K, Immler R, Moser M, Koedel U, Gran S, McEver RP, Vestweber D, Verschoor A, Leanderson T, Chavakis T, Roth J, Vogl T, Sperandio M. Extracellular MRP8/14 is a regulator of beta2 integrin-dependent neutrophil slow rolling and adhesion. Nat Commun 6:6915, 2015. [Abstract]

Shao B, Yago T, Setiadi H, Wang Y, Mehta-D'souza P, Fu J, Crocker PR, Rodgers W, Xia L, McEver RP. O-glycans direct selectin ligands to lipid rafts on leukocytes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112:8661-8666,2015. [Abstract]

Song K, Herzog BH, Fu J, Sheng M, Bergstrom K, McDaniel JM, Kondo Y, McGee S, Cai X, Li P, Chen H, Xia L. Loss of core 1-derived O-glycans decreases breast cancer development in mice. J Biol Chem 2015. [Abstract]

* Towner RA, Smith N, Saunders D, Carrizales J, Lupu F, Silasi-Mansat R, Ehrenshaft M, Mason RP. In Vivo targeted molecular magnetic resonance imaging of free radicals in diabetic cardiomyopathy within mice. Free Radic Res 1-17, 2015. [Abstract]

* Wiley MM, Muthukumar V, Griffin TM, Griffin CT. SWI/SNF Chromatin-Remodeling Enzymes Brahma-Related Gene 1 (BRG1) and Brahma (BRM) are dispensable in multiple models of postnatal angiogenesis but are required for vascular integrity in infant mice. J Am Heart Assoc 4: e001972, 2015. [Abstract]

Yago T, Petrich BG, Zhang N, Liu Z, Shao B, Ginsberg MH, McEver RP. Blocking neutrophil integrin activation prevents ischemia-reperfusion injury. J Exp Med 212:1267-1281, 2015. [Abstract]

Yan R, Chen M, Ma N, Zhao L, Cao L, Zhang Y, Zhang J, Yu Z, Wang Z, Xia L, Ruan C, Dai K. Glycoprotein Ibalpha clustering induces macrophage-mediated platelet clearance in the liver. Thromb Haemost 113:107-117, 2015. [Abstract]

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Cardiovascular Biology Research Program
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