Teen leaders plan Hunt 4 Hope to fund childhood disease research

Children ages 3-12 can hunt eggs while supporting research at OMRF.

Musical hallucinations teach researchers about MS pathways

Insights could help diagnose patients mentally affected by MS.

Get to know the flu virus so you can avoid it

Dr. Scofield answers some basic questions about influenza.

Stillwater students raise $11,000 for cancer research

Directing money to in-state research was important to fundraisers.

Collaboration could lead to new treatment for rare blood cancer

Scientists are interested to see if the drug could be useful in other cancers.

OMRF discovery could stop deadly blood vessel hemorrhaging

A protein is key to the structural integrity surrounding blood vessels.

Yes, you should get a flu shot

Influenza kills 36,000 Americans and 500,000 worldwide each year.

OMRF shares in $23.8 million grant to research trauma

Trauma is a leading cause of death in people under age 34.

International coalition finds six new Sjögren’s syndrome genes

Researchers have exponentially increased their understanding of Sjögren’s genetics.

Multiple sclerosis researcher connects lab and clinic

The MS Center of Excellence offers scientists resources to expand research.