correct sitting

Get up and move

British experts recently published new guidelines recommending that office workers stand f

Stethoscope on laptop keyboard


Health providers and insurers are embracing smartphones, tablets and computer screens as t

human brain

Risk assessment

In a nutshell, while the test is a powerful tool for predicting who will develop Alzheimer


Aging eyes

Aging brings with it many benefits. However, better vision is not one of them. Here why fr

Packed capsules

It’s allergy time

Is there a particular time of day that’s best for taking allergy medication? Dr. Prescot


60-Second Science

Mom was right. A cold nose might put you at risk of catching a cold. Dr. Prescott explains


Ask Dr. P: Collaborate or compete?

As a scientist, I am often asked this question. I always answer this with one word: yes.


Why is my girlfriend always cold?

Is there a reason why women are always cold? Or is this a “Men are from Mars, Women are


Ask Dr. P: What about gluten free?

To eat gluten or not to eat gluten? That is the question.


Are shorter workouts better?

Are short, high-intensity workouts better than longer lower-intensity workouts?