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60-Second Science: Ebola

Dr. P tells you what you need to know in a minute

Testosterone: A new fountain of youth for men?

Testosterone: A new fountain of youth for men?

Testosterone replacement therapy has exploded in the last decade and become a multi-billio

Most people don't have much to fear from Ebola outbreak

Most people don’t have much to fear from Ebola outbreak

So long as you are not headed to Africa, you should have little to fear from the current E

exercise fun-tbx

Can having fun help quell your appetite?

It’s great to perceive exercise as an enjoyable thing, but does it lead you to eat less



Dr. P discusses the overabundance of information on the internet.


Alzheimer’s cure remains elusive

Traditional wisdom for avoiding Alzheimer’s Disease still doesn’t pass scientific scru


Don’t take sleep toubles lying down

Getting enough sleep is critical, experts say.

Dr P Allergies_Thumbnail

Can you outgrow your allergies?

Grass allergies often grow worse with age, but shots have been proven to help


Getting to the heart of Alzheimer’s

What effect does blood pressure have on an individual’s susceptibility to Alzheimer’s?

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A look ahead: Health and medicine trends for 2014

The year 2013 brought many big developments in health and medicine. What will 2014 bring?