60-Second Science

Mom was right. A cold nose might put you at risk of catching a cold. Dr. Prescott explains


Ask Dr. P: Collaborate or compete?

As a scientist, I am often asked this question. I always answer this with one word: yes.


Why is my girlfriend always cold?

Is there a reason why women are always cold? Or is this a “Men are from Mars, Women are


Ask Dr. P: What about gluten free?

To eat gluten or not to eat gluten? That is the question.


Are shorter workouts better?

Are short, high-intensity workouts better than longer lower-intensity workouts?

Make sure to take precautions to stay flu-free.

Hand Sanitizers Protect Against Viruses

Can these little bottles of clear gel really offer protection against Ebola?


The Science of Fear: What boo! does to the body

Whatever sends a shiver up your spine, it's basic biology at work.


60-Second Science: Ebola

Dr. P tells you what you need to know in a minute

Testosterone: A new fountain of youth for men?

Testosterone: A new fountain of youth for men?

Testosterone replacement therapy has exploded in the last decade and become a multi-billio

Most people don't have much to fear from Ebola outbreak

Most people don’t have much to fear from Ebola outbreak

So long as you are not headed to Africa, you should have little to fear from the current E