With some of the world’s leading cardiovascular biologists, OMRF researchers are making major strides in understanding the origins of heart disease.

Work at OMRF is casting light on the roots of atherosclerosis, the buildup of fats in the lining of the arteries. Over time, this accumulation restricts blood flow and can lead to stroke and heart attack. A deeper understanding of this process will, we hope, open new avenues to prevention.

Our scientists are studying the role that the hormone estrogen plays in cardiovascular health. They also are examining ways to protect the heart against injuries caused by arterial blockages and whether certain vitamin-like substances can help guard against heart disease.

On the clinical front, a drug born at OMRF is currently undergoing human clinical trials for the treatment of stroke. Soon, trials will begin to explore this treatment’s efficacy for heart failure as well.

Moving forward, OMRF’s researchers will keep probing the mysteries of cardiovascular ailments. And we will keep working to arm physicians with powerful new treatments for heart disease and stroke. With each new insight, our goal is to ensure that cardiovascular disease breaks fewer and fewer hearts.