A self-described health and fitness fanatic, Dr. Courtney Montgomery always looks for ways to keep her body and mind in top shape. In the lab, she studies the genetics of sarcoidosis, a rare immune disease, in hopes of helping others live healthier lives too. Earlier this year, she was awarded a five-year grant from the National Institutes of Health to help her learn more about this mysterious condition. She came to OMRF in 2008, landing her not too far from her hometown of Duncan, Oklahoma.

I figure skated as a kid. I wore those sparkly sequined costumes and even made it to U.S. Midwest regional competition. It was a huge deal! But I never got to skate to cool stuff like “Eye of the Tiger.” It was all classical music for me.

Over the years, I’ve sung in commercials, a couple of recorded albums, a spot for a hospital and even a music video for a local rock band.

Now I just sing my two youngest boys to sleep every night.

My husband and I grow a lot of our food—apples, pears, plums, pecans, berries, grapes and vegetables. We trade our produce with neighbors for fresh eggs. If we just had a cow, we’d be set.

I’m a total adrenaline junkie. I love extreme workouts like obstacle courses, bungee jumping and parasailing.

If I’m desperate to get something done, I often escape to work in my car. It sounds crazy, but it’s quiet, full of windows and there are no distractions.

I am the IT department at my house, but my six-year-old is catching up quickly.